L’8 de Lausanne (EN)

A concert project

The instrumentation is flugelhorn, tenor saxophone, trombone, electric guitar, vibraphone, synthesiser, electric bass and drum set. The program consists of twelve pieces with a total duration of 45 minutes.

Neither fundamentally abstract nor fundamentally concrete, the music draws from a variety of traditions to inspire by its emotional power and its rational structure. Despite its relation to tradition, the music deprives any schematic conformism and impresses with uniqueness and independence.

The project uses stylistic devices from different musical genres and combines them: From classical music it utilises multi-layered, polyphonic arrangements and noises (ex. Chrome Shuffle and Chicken Chase). From jazz, the improvisation and drive (ex. Recycle). From rock music the driving force (ex. The Time For Renewal) and from pop the sounds (ex. Polytrigger).

Intro, Take 3, Rough Mix, edited

Brazen Tracer, Take 7, Rough Mix, edited


Schaffhausen, Haberhaus8. Dec. 2022, 20:30YES

Planned performances:

Swiss Television, a feature by Roman Hošek, 2023

Offbeat Festival, Basel, 2023

The people involved

Niklaus Keller is the initiator and composer of the project.

Axel Lussiez, drums

Jean-Pierre Schaller, electric bass
Professional diploma at the the Montreux Conservatory. Bassist, composer and arranger in various bands. Teaches bass, rhythm and ensemble playing at the HEMU Lausanne. He also plays in the band Les Visiteur with Vinz Vonlanthen and François Christe.

Thomas Dobler, vibraphone 
He studied classical percussion at the conservatories of Zurich and Strasbourg and completed jazz studies in Paris. In 1998 he won the international CHAIN competition for the interpretation of contemporary music and in 2009 the Swiss Jazz Award. In 2011 he was voted among the top ten vibraphonists in the US Jazz Station Polls. He is a lecturer and director of studies at the jazz department of the HEMU Lausanne. As a soloist he has performed with the MDR Symphony Orchestra and the Zurich Chamber Orchestra. In the jazz field, he tours throughout Europe. In doing so, he cultivates the interpretation of the Great American Songbook, from swing of the 1930s to bebop and postbop. His sidemen are Dado Moroni (p), George Robert (sax), Reggie Johnson (b), Sangoma Everett (dr) and Andy Scherrer (sax).

Vinz Vonlanthen, electric guitar
Autodidactic studies and graduate of the Swiss Jazz School Bern. He tours Europe and Japan as a leader and sideman with various groups. He has played concerts with Barry Guy, Gerry Hemingway, Pierre Audetat and others. With Bänz Oester he played in the band Aventure Dupont. Since 2006 he teaches guitar, harmony and music theory at the HEMU Lausanne.

Yannick Barman, flugelhorn

Valentin Conus, t-sax
Born in Switzerland in 1988, he studied then classical and contemporary music with Pierre-Stéphane Meugé and obtained a Bachelor of Arts and a Master at Haute Ecole de Musique of Lausanne (HEMU). In 2014, he graduated from Master’s degree in the jazz section of HEMU in Robert Bonisolo’s class. In 2010, he got a 2nd prize in Tournoi International de Musique (TIM), in Verona (IT). Due to his jazz and classical education, Valentin is a versatile musician, appreciated as a sideman for his flexibility and his tone palet. Having lived in Turkey for six years, his saxophone playing has been influenced by this sojourn.

William Jacquemet, trombone
Born in 1984 in France near Grenoble. He received a master’s degree from the Lausanne Conservatory and also plays guitar and electric bass, which he learned autodidactically. He currently works as a studio musician, arranger and teacher. He plays jazz, electro, afrobeat, Jamaican music, Afro-Cuban music and experimental music and has performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Cully Jazz Festival and the Paleo Festival. He has performed with Benny Golson, Alex Sipiagin, Robert Bonisolo, Didier Lockwood and plays in the following formations: PROFESSOR WOUASSA (AfroBeat), L’ORQUESTA LA PUNTUALIDAD (Salsa), THE BIG UP‘ BAND (Big Band/Jazz) etc.

Nicolas Ziliotto, Synthesizer
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